Twilio Text Message Integration Help

I am trying to develop a simple SMS text reminder to users that put their numbers in an input. I am using the copilot plugin for twilio send text messages and so far I have entered the SID and Auth Token, created a twilio account and developed a studio workflow.

I am new to APIs and not really sure how to connect Bubble to Twilio. Would really appreciate if anyone can guide me through the process. Thank you!

You’re going to need to use the account SID and use a base64 encoder to send the auth key

Authorization = (base64 output)

Base64 input = accountSID:accountKEY
(Make sure you use the : symbol in between)

I have an app fully setup with it i can let you checkout the editor.

Hi Edward, we have a tutorial on sending texts through Twilio at It’ll get you going.


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Hello chris.williamson1996,
Yes, that would be extremely helpful! Thank you so much!

Hi Chris, can you help me configurating Twilio please?
I didn’t have success doing it.

Hi Chris, could I check out your editor as well? I’m trying to set up the twilio plugin, but having some trouble. Thank you!!

Tal, is the tutorial free?