Twillio text messages

Hey Guys!

My twillio plugin is not working, I setup everything with the Account SID & all that but still nothing. I’ve tried finding more info, but their page in zeroqode has none at all.
Has anyone got it to work?
The process seems simple, but my plugin is just not working.

I use Copilot’s Twilio plugin, works pretty well for me.

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Do you think it has anything to do with me being still in trial mode?
Would I have to upgrade my account to get it to send messages to my user’s phone numbers.

Yes, I’m sure it does. You can only send to validated phone numbers during the trial. See below from Twilio:

Please note , you will need to validate any non-Twilio phone numbers you make outbound tests to (see the Development Tips and Trial Limitations section below for more details).

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