Need help with user specific identies

i am trying to make a cad system for FiveM, im making a page where you can select the character you make but once it is created it is not user specific and everytime you login and go to that page everyone can see those characters. I want to make it so that only the logged in user can see what characters they have created not all characters


Data icon on the left.

Privacy tab.

Select Identity. Define new role. When currentUser is this Identity’s Creator select permissions.

Everyone else - unselect permissions.

i get an error when i try and do so

Sorry for confusion.

When Current User’s is this identity’s Creator

That’s it.

Then use the check boxes below to select permissions.

i have to create a new field for “is this identity”, what is that fields type and do i need to make another one for Creator?

You should not have to do that. What does it look like when you

When Current User is this identity’s Creator

i figured it out. Thank you so much been stuck on this for a while


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