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Hi everyone! I am now building an app that includes a video library and I have a couple of questions. As far as I understand, Bubble has a certain file size limitation because when I was trying to upload some larger files it gave me an error message saying the file is too big. Is there a workaround for this? Also, are there any plugins that I could use to enhance the user experience when it comes to the file upload process, like having an animated loader for the file upload? I could build one myself but it would be much quicker if there was a plugin for this.

I would appreciate any helpful feedback or solutions :slight_smile:

Usually, when bubble devs build an app that deals with videos, they usually store the video on an external database.

You could use a popup element for this. As for the animation, it depends on what animation you want. You could use lottie animations if you want something stylish or if you want something simple, you could just use font awesome icons with a [fa-spin] class to them

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I can definitely use a popup with a lottie animation. As far as an external db for videos goes, are there any solutions that you would recommend for this?

There’s a lot to consider like budget, use case, etc

We have an internal app that also deals with videos. For the database, we use Wasabi since it’s cheap

Ok cool. How is your experience with it? Is it working smoothly? Also, from what I understand, it comes down to $6.99/month per 1 tb? So for example if I have 5 tb of video material I would be paying $34.95/month right?

Yep it’s fine overall


But make sure your use case fits within Wasabi’s free egress policy. Feel free to check here

Pay-go Pricing FAQs - Wasabi.

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