Bubble file uploader - video upload in background (like Google Drive)

Hi bubblers!

Users will need to upload fairly large video files (100mb+) to my application. I’m currently using the standard bubble file uploader, however it’s frustrating to keep the tab open until the loading is complete.

Would be wonderful if the user could continue to browse the site, while the uploader sits in the corner of the screen (similar to the behaviour in google drive, see below)

Realise there are ways to approach this without using the bubble file uploader, but changing to another uploader will create some serious rework (have some follow-on APIs that run on the uploaded files), so looking to understand if there’s any sort of interim solution for now.

Do we think this behaviour is possible using the bubble uploader plugin - perhaps with some sort of backend workflow? Any help is hugely appreciated!

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interesting! I’m going to start developing a plugin for that, it’s very useful.

Ha great, if you move quickly you have your first customer right here 🙋