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Need Immediate Bubble Help - via Video Chat - $30 - Setting up recursive workflow on a large list

Need immediate bubble help - with an expert who is available to help me fix a problem - think is likely an easy fix but have been banging my head against the screen for a few hours

  • you must be familiar with setting up recursive workflows on a relatively large list of items - around 4500 users.

  • can pay $30 you via paypal or whatever is preferred.

You can describe what you trying to achieve here, will likely receive the help faster.

Hi Sat

I have a list of around 4500 users and i’m trying to reset a yes/no parameter at midnight each day for all the users.

I have tried to set up a recursive backend workflow has an iteration that increases - and triggers itself - as described in the bubble manual - I have also tried to paginate the data -

  • the workflow runs fine in dev mode - where I only have 13 users - but in live mode where I have lots of users - it simply doesn’t run!




Well, you can do this.

Create backend workflow like “user_switch_2” with parameter user=user
Workflow: make a change to the “user”: bonus = off
Create backend workflow like “user_switch_1”
Workflow: schedule API call “user_switch_2” on a list of Users who’s bonus=on, every 2 seconds.
Create recursive workflow(daily) to schedule API call “user_switch_1”

I think amount of users that can be handle in lists is 10,000 or maybe it’s differ from plan to plan.

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or you can do it in your way, but you made a mistake by doing it to the list of users.

So create a workflow “users id bonus add” with parameter User=User
1)Make a change to the User: bonus = off,
2)Schedule API workflow users id bonus add with User=do a search for the user with bonus=yes:first item (conditional search for user:count>0)

Create recursive workflow that will trigger users id bonus add daily.
User: do a search for the user:bonus=on:first item

It should be more scallable untill you will have more users than you can change in 24 hours with 2 sec delay or untill you will hit capacity issues if you set delay=0

Thank you Sat,

Ended up going with this for now - only problem is its soo slow!!
Do you have any recommendations for speeding it up - I have set the interval to 2 seconds - any lower and it seems to burn itself out - do you think capacity upgrade is the way to go here?

You can try to increase capacity for tests (1 hour) in the settings and see if it helps.

But in general, it’s better to find some other way to achieve the goal that you changing bonus=on/off for.
As an example change it when the user logs in or visit the page if the last time it happened yesterday.

Changing whole user DB daily does not look scalable.

good point!! - probably makes more sense at this point to change the set up of the system

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