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Need Experienced Freelancer on recursive Workflow to send sms

I have an app that send bulk sms and email, and i wanted to set a recursive workflow to send over 100 elements in a list (RG or other).
I want to send one sms or email after another to avoid my app to max out.
I am ready to pay 30 $ for this mini course. I don’t think it will be long if i understand the principles.

You want to send 1 sms and 1 email for each element in a list of 100 elements? By elements do you mean users?

By element i mean each element of the list
I want to send 1 by 1 on list that are greater to 100 because
i usually get error message when i try especially over 200
the API workflow on list try to send to several number at the same. (I observed this using API
workflow on list to create things with reference number that you want to increment for instance)

What are the elements?

In a Repeating Group made of a data type of user for example, I call element each user of this repeating group

Yeah that is what I thought

You should create the recursive backend workflow…not on a list

You should be able to figure it out if you figured out how to run a backend workflow on list…not much difference, except you are using a “do a search” to find the users you want to send messages to.

That’s what I’m trying to but how can i set the condition for the loop to stop or if i use a simple api worklow how to make the list pass to the next element in the backend, in the front i would create a custom state and remove each time the first element for example.

what I do is I add a field to my data type to signal. I typically set the field as a yes/no and use that field to verify if the specific data entry has been processed yet.

For example I am currently running a recursive workflow to change an address as a text field into an address as a geographic address for my retailer listings. On my data type I added a field “address_added” which is a yes/no.

Since I add that data field after my data has been added but before I run the workflow, all the entries have a null value. I set my condition on the recursive workflow to “do a search for retailer” with constraint “address_added is empty” and then :count >0

After that I could simply delete that datafield.

I believe in your case, you may just create a data field that could be “email_sent” and use a date field. Then you can search for user whose email_sent date is not current date…so that each day or however often you send the messages once the message is sent you change the “email_sent” to the current date.


I have sent you private message please check.


Set a count starting at 1, then reschedule and set the count at +1.

Stop looping when the count equals the list count, in this case 100.

Happy to assist should you need this or anyone else at a fixed price we can discuss.

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It will be interesting to see if this poster still needs help 2 years after the initial post. :wink:


Haha surprisingly enough Bubble sometimes seems to push these old topics up. I didn’t see its from 2020 :joy:

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