Recursive workflow 'Reset at midnight' causing capacity server overload


I have a recursive workflow set to refresh every user’s “lesson” at midnight (I think this is a pretty common workflow). I set it up to run on “current user” and I thought that meant it would loop through one at a time until it went through all users, but I am hitting my max capacity every night, so that makes me think I’m doing it wrong, especially since I have under 100 users.

Instead of running it on “current user” should I instead be doing a search for all users?

Here’s the 1st step to refresh the “daily lesson”:

Here’s the last step which creates the recursive workflow to run the next day:


Why don’t you just the “search” inside the user’s end to find the day’s lesson? You just don’t need to reset it at all!!

Yeah, you’re doing it wrong… the current User will just be the User who initiated the workflow (probably you)…

You need to define a list of Users (presumably ALL your Users), then work through them 1 by 1.

There are various ways to do it…

You can add a number field to the Workflow to define which User in the list to change, then add 1 to than number in the next run.

Or you can make the changes to the first User, then remove that user from the list in the subsequent run.