Need Skilled Bubble Developer

We’re looking for a skilled developer to create a patient portal web app. The app will provide patients easy access to appointments and treatment info.


  • expertise
  • Web app development experience
  • UI / UX

If you’re a talented developer, we want to hear from you. Please share your portfolio and relevant experience when applying.

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Awesome! I’ll send you a DM now.

Maybe we could help. We can see if we would be a good fit. Check us out at

We have a team of developers ready to help out. The eLearning Hub is completely built on Bubble.

Hope to hear from you soon. :blush:

I would love to know more about the project. I dm you my portfolio.

website link with portfolio


here is my portfolio -

I would be glad to work with you on this project and be rest assured that I can definitely deliver it.

Here is my portfolio MSB Portfolio…?debug_mode=true is completely built on bubble


  • I have +3 years of experience building apps in Bubble.

  • I’ve been working for a HR Tech company in Canada (Lmon)

  • I’m currently working in a HR tech company based in Mexico (Joinready). We have built this company with a database outside of Bubble. So, we use a lot of calls and posts.

  • I 've built a platform to control finances for women called Femvest in Chile (Femvest)

  • lI’m looking for challenges. I really love that.

  • This is my Linkedin.

  • This is some of my Portfolio.

Have a great day.