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Need some help setting up my app

Hi All- new user here and I am loving the bubble so far! I have literally no coding experience and so, my learning curve is a bit larger than others…I was wondering if someone in the community can help me set up the basic functionality of my app or at least help me get started… I am trying to make an on-demand booking appointment app. Yes, I know very ambitious for a beginner.

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Hey @david.raskind :slight_smile: The forum is an awesome place to get some help with building on Bubble. Somebody had a similar question to yours the other day so I linked to that discussion below. I have no coding experience either, and the best learning has been through watching the Bubble videos, trial and error, and reading posts in the forum. If you get stuck, chances are someone has asked a similar question in the forum and people have given a solution so the search is really useful. If it hasn’t been asked, then it’s best to post a question with a link to your app in the editor version so people can see what is going on and help you directly. With that said, you can definitely create an on-demand booking application with Bubble!

Another good resource not mentioned in that discussion is, which launched today! @romanmg offers coaching sessions if you are interested in having 1-on-1 help with your idea, and she has a free Bubble newsletter that you can subscribe to there as well.


Thank you for the shoutout @fayewatson !

@david.raskind My next newsletter is actually going to cover this exact thing - database concepts while using an appointment booking app as the example feature/data. I hope you’ll subscribe (it’s free!) as it will definitely help you get started!

Other than that, feel free to message me if you want more involved assistance. Welcome to Bubble!

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


As long as you make your app public then posting a link in the forum with your issue will be the best way of moving it on.

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Hi @romanmg - thanks for you reply. Please do let me know when that newsletter comes out! In the meantime, I think I do need some extra assistance in getting this set up… whats the best way we can communicate/go over the features I am looking to build out?

Sent you a PM!