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Need some hints on setting up a Recurring Weekly Workflow


I’m looking to set up an auto-weekly recurring workflow, but am not clear how to set up the set/cancel recurring event action.

How do I set up the initial ping to the “Recurring” workflow? I don’t see weekly scheduled tasks in the scheduler log so I assume my current setup is wrong.

Current set up:

  1. On random page in my app, I have a “Custom Event” with an action “set/cancel recurring event”. I trigger this on page load. (eg. this, I’d expect to set up a series of future scheduled events, but they’re not in the log)
  2. On API workflow page, I have the “Recurring Workflow” that’s hit by step 1. The recurring workflow includes a schedule a workflow on a list that hits another endpoint (eg. this sends a list of events)
  3. The other endpoint, sends separate POST requests for each element in the list of things.

I believe the issue lies in step 1. I haven’t seen a complete example of how to schedule recurring workflows, so if anyone has one to share that might also be informative.


I would be tempted to use this …

However, you set a recurring event from the Custom Event menu

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Thanks Nigel! EasyCron is appropriately named – super simple to setup!

I never did get the native Recurring Workflow method to work. I set up the set/cancel a recurring event, but it didn’t generate tasks in the scheduler log

This doesn’t work:

Thanks for the workaround.

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