[New Plugin] EasyCron - Flexible Scheduling for Recurring Workflows

Allows more flexible scheduling of recurring workflows by using EasyCron to hook into Bubble API Workflows.


  1. Sign up for EasyCron, generate an API key and enter this API key in the plugins settings
  2. In your apps settings, enable “This app exposes a POST/Workflow API”
  3. In the same settings panel, generate an API key for EasyCRON to authenticate to Bubble with, call it EasyCronKey
  4. Create an API Workflow, example do_work
  5. Add a CRON job either via EasyCron control panel or using EasyCron - Add Action.
  1. Profit

There is also an CRONTimeFormatter element that can be used to convert Hours, Minutes, Days (Monday/Tuesday/etc) to the right format for CRON job creation and also allows for a GMT timezone offset in seconds (provided your EasyCron account is set to use UTC timezone).


EasyCron works great if you need to run a workflow every few minutes. i just created an endpoint and had EasyCron POST something to the database, and when that value is posted, have the workflow run. I have it currently set in EasyCron to every 1/2 hour. I am not sure if this is the most elegant solution but it worked for me

Can I schedule workflows with this plugin on ahobby plan