Need someone to build student progress survey

I need a questionnaire created as a app. The questionnaire will be a simple student progress survey with only three elements:
Grade (A,B,C,D, or F)
Participation (Satisfactory/non-satisfactory)
Comments (open ended string)

The survey should be accessible only by instructors with a unique login/password and should only show the surveys for students in their classes. This should be done through referencing a database that can be updated frequently by uploaded a .csv or similar – there can be a db/table for permissions (faculty ID, class ID, password) and students (student ID, class ID, class name). and the faculty ID would only be shown the students in the classes with the same associate class ID. Will also need a way to export the results.

I can explain more as needed

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Hey ! i am interested . I will do it for you


I’m Bubble Developer&Designer with more than 5 years of experience. I can offer for you a nice: UI/UX , Website design and responsev.

Thanks in Advance!!!

Hello @tylerrollinsphd

I can assist you with your requirement. Pm sent with details please check


I can help here’s my up work profile