Need the count of matching dates on a list of dates

I have a list of dates on a thing. I’m trying to create a formula that calculates the number of dates that match the single date value in a date picker. Then I want to compare that value > to antoer number on a user record. Looking for the yes/no to move forward in a workflow. This is probably an easy one but I cant seem to make it happen.


[your thing]'s [list of dates field]:filtered, then add a new constraint This date:formatted as 2/14/23 is [your date dropdown]'s value:formatted as 2/14/23 then close out of the filter window and do :count

After that you can do > [your user record]'s [number field]

This would return a yes/no depending on if the count of dates > than some User’s number field.

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THANK YOU for saving me countless hours!

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