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I’m building an app to view work instructions and these work instructions are grouped into different departments such as assembly, packaging, production, etc.
On my home page, there is a dropdown using which users can select the department and once they elect the department, they are navigated to the respective department’s work instructions page.

In the dropdown, the same department’s name is visible multiple times. The department ‘production’ is visible many times in the dropdown in the link I shared below. How to make sure one department’s name appears only once in the dropdown while ensuring the navigation works fine.
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Change for type of choices “text” and use :unique element.

I tried doing it but in the workflow, when I’m navigating it to instructions manual page, the data to send column is showing an error

I guess this is because the navigation expect a thing to the next page and now you have changed this to type of text, it will not accept until you also change the type of the next page. But the main issue I can see with your previous setting is that you have thing with the same option. When you use unique element, this filter according to what you have set. So if you have set to a DB thing, each element are unique!. Even if you have the same option in the field you have selected for the display. But if you need to navigate according to a specific thing… and you use a way to filter to only show unique text… how Bubble can know which item you really want to select from DB?

Normally I would suggest you to use a Do a search for using the text selected… but if you have the same choice multiple time, how to know which one is the one to select?!
In your case, you have the Production department twice… but which one to select?

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production department is coming twice because the user has created two work instructions under the same department. Ideally, I would require the user to be able to see all instructions under production if he clicks on the production option.
How can I make the word production appear only once in the dropdown?

  • Create an options set called “Department” and add all of the departments

  • Remove your current text department from Work instruction
  • Add this new options sets to the Work instruction:


  • Set the dropdown to the new options set


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