Need to increase page speed. Any help?

We were doing great with SEO and getting substantial organic traffic growth week over week for the past few months. We made the decision to move over to Namecheap from Bluehost (terrible FYI) and things were fine for a while.

All of a sudden our organic traffic dropped and our page speed worsened SUBSTANTIALLY. I do not believe it was the swap over to Namecheap that caused this as I have been keeping an eye on the forum and this seems to be a Bubble wide thing. Can anyone let me know what they do to increase page speed to counteract this as much as possible?

I have been even thinking just hand-coding or moving to another no-code platform as speed is critical. Thanks in advance!


Re: page speed, it’s hard to know without knowing how your app operates. There are a ton of posts on this which I’m sure you’ve seen, covering the basic principles as well as specific issues people have.

If you are certain the page speed decrease isn’t due to: a) the move to Namecheap; or b) not paying for enough capacity for a higher level of visitors, then I’d suggest going to Bubble support, especially if nothing else has changed and your app has slowed down meaningfully.

Alright. I will give support a ring. I swapped over to cloudfare to see if that would pick speed up. Lets hope!

Good luck and I’d be curious how it’s resolved.

Separately I wonder if there’s a speed difference between personal and professional plans. With personal plans, I could see the speed vary since those resources are shared.

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