Website speed has dropped dramatically

A few days ago, the speed of the website dropped sharply. Although I have not made any actions or changes to the site. I checked the speed of the site with various tools. So far I can not understand what the problem is.

Hey @Drakang

Page performance is a topic people are keen to look at on the forum and provide advice and experiment with you, but so far you’ve just made a high-level statement without any tangible details, so I’m not sure how anyone can help you? Or are you just looking to vent?

Some suggestions:

  1. Run the page with the debug mode on and set it to slow and see what workflow is causing the bottleneck
  2. Check the logs

If you’re still left scratching your head:

  1. Post the URL so the community can take a look.
  2. Post some screenshots to the site speed tests you ran - including the waterfall chart

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Thank you for the detailed answer. I was looking for problems on the site side and optimization, but it turned out to be on the side of the hosting I use. I am currently working with hosting support to address this issue. I periodically check the speed of my site, now it is above 10 seconds. But hosting support solves this problem. And if there is no positive dynamics, I will look for a new hosting.

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