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Need to meet conditions in two separate tables to change a thing

Happy New Year everyone!

I was hoping you could help me with the following:

I have 2 types of things in my database: conversations and Users.

In Users, I have a field where with a list called X.

In conversations, I have a field called topic_ID and a field called user_id, which is the same as the unique id in Users.

I’m trying to change a thing - conversations, while these conditions exist:

  1. Go through every entry (or a thing) in conversations.

For each conversation, check for conversations’ unique ID and find the entry in Users that has the same unique ID.

  1. Once you found it, check if this entry’s list X contains an arbitrary value (let’s say XYZ) If it does, change this conversation topic ID to “ABC”, else do nothing

Any ideas on how to achieve this? I can run a workflow on one list of things, but I’m not sure how to compare it with another.

Hello @ido1

It is a little intricate to explain.

Explore recursive flows for server logic or the list shifter plugin for page logic to go through your list of conversations.

Explore operators such as “contains” “contains list” and “intersect” to do the needed action when the expression/s are true.

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