Need to set up database for "fairly simple" MVP

I’m a newbie looking for help structuring the database for my MVP.

I think it’s likely to have about six data types, each with about six fields. It’s quite a simple app I think.

However, I’m not confident that the data types and fields I’m thinking of setting up are the right ones - so rather than getting completely bogged down by this, and potentially making a right mess of it, I’m looking for help to build the DB correctly from the start. This will then give me the foundation to move forward with confidence in my learning and understanding of Bubble.


Hi Martin,

Setting up your MVP’s database can be a challenge, given that it sets the tone for your entire app.

I often consult budding Bubblers over a video call to help them get their app setup right. I’ve been professionally building apps on Bubble since 2019. So I might be able to add some value!

We could surely jump onto a call and get your app set up

I’m available at


Many thanks @blurapps, that’s kind of you. For now, please leave it me - but I hope to get back to you.

Best wishes

Any time.

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email sent :slight_smile: