Question: App & Database Structure?

Hi all –

New to Bubble and excited about the opportunities it unlocks. I am building a new app and have a few questions:

  1. Utilizing Main/Sub App Structure
    I think eventually this structure will be perfect for my app because of the added security of isolating user databases – and it just makes structuring the databases/searches a little easier. However, as I’m developing I don’t want to pay for this advanced plan and want instead to focus on getting an MVP up and running. How hard is it to convert a single app in to a main app with sub app structures down the line? Anything I should think about in the beginning to make it easier?

  2. In the meantime - running on a single app structure - any advice on organizing data that is efficient and secure? My app is similar to a Saas CRM where each user/organization that signs up will have a database of contacts. Currently I’m thinking of linking each contact created to the specific organization record type since I won’t be using the sub app approach out of the gate. As I’m planning out the database structure any advice on keeping it efficient for searches, etc?

  3. App page structure - Is it better to use a one page approach or multi-page? How do you think about structuring the app itself - what is your decision flow/logic?

Thanks for the help - just want to take the time in the beginning to have a clean and logical system in place to make development and maintenance easier in the long run.