Nested API workflows

I have an API workflow which works on a list of ids provided by an external API.

I want to call another API which takes those Ids one by one and returns a list of information of that particular API so it is a case of nesting the scheduling of API workflows on a list.

But the first API workflow does not call the workflow which calls the API for the information of that particular API.
Please help with a workaround or tell me if I am doing anything wrong.

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Without seeing it it’s hard to tell, but have you tried checking “ignore privacy rules” or “this api workflow can be run without authentication” to see if that might be causing it?

@pnodseth Yeah I have tried the two options you told but its not helping.

I am trying to call a “scheduled workflow on a list” inside the “scheduled workflow on a list”.
So for the first api workflow I have a list to run on then I pass the information of that list to another scheduled workflow which again works on a list. The second scheduled workflow does not recieve the information from the first workflow.

Here I call the first api workflow on the list which gathers some information of which one is order_id then for each order_id i want to schedule another api call on a list which is shown in next picture.

But the second api workflow doesn’t get info from the first.

have you tried to see in the logs where the info is not passed on?

I was trying to replicate the error from some other api to check if the problem was of external API but it wasn’t.
I’ll show you the logs.

Here this test_fiances is working on a list which schedules another api which calls an external API passing the argument “order_id” = “order_id_1”

Then what item_api does is shown in next picture.

It appends in the database.

Now, I will show you the logs.

test_finance starts but item_api doesn’t

It schedules the api though as we can see from the next log picture

I have been facing the same problem. I have raised a bug report. See this post