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Nested Form Creation

Hi All,

I’ve created a single song(which contains song details like artits name etc.) form which takes input from user and now I want to create an album form in which user can input multiple songs and each song has it’s own details. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi there, @virendra… you probably already have an Album data type, but if you don’t, you will need to create one, and it should have a field in it (maybe called song list) that is tied to the Song data type and is a list (i.e., select the This field is a list (multiple entries) checkbox when creating the field).

With the Album data type in place, you need to decide how users will create albums and how they will add songs to an album’s song list. For example, you could have a search box on the album form that gives the user the ability to search for a song and add it to the album’s song list (i.e., add it to the album’s song list field). The songs in the list could be displayed in a repeating group on the album form, and you could have an icon in the repeating group that gives the user the ability to remove a song from the album (i.e., remove it from the album’s song list field).

You might also want to give users a way to add a song to an album from the song form, and something like that could also be done with a search box that is tied to the Album data type.

Anyway, I hope what I have written makes sense, and I hope it helps to get you going down a good path.


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Hi @mikeloc ,

Thank you for the reply. Hope you’re doing great.

I want to display list of songs which user want to upload in album. Eg. If user want to upload album then he should have album form in which he should be able to input album name and also there should be another form(i.e. single) within album form in which user has to input single song details like name, artist etc and after submitting single form within album, user should be able to see song titles in RG and when user clicks on submit button on album form then only all the songs should be submitted.


Hi @virendra
You can achieve this kind of behaviour by ex. using custom states.
Please check this part of the video (from 7:10) that showcases a similar feature but with ToDo items

I hope it helps to get you going down a good path.


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