This problem is resolved


I’m building an app to manage music compositions. Every song has a main title (text), alternative titles, multiple composers, and multiple lyric writers (which both also can be users of the app).
In my database, I have Party (type), which can be a composer or a lyric writer (I want to add other contribution types later). Every song can have multiple Parties that contributed to the song, as a composer or a lyric writer.

I made a popup with a form where users can fill in a form with details of the composer. These details (first name, last name, email, country code, phone) should be saved as a party, and then displayed the first+last name in a repeating group.

1A) The composers that are now in the repeating group, should be saved as a list in the Song (type), under Song_Composers_List.
1B) Same goes for the Lyrics.

  1. The Alt_Titles should be saved in the Song (type) under Song_AltTitle_List.

I’ve been struggling with this for day or more now. So it would be really great if someone can point into the right direction. Thanks!