RG inside RG - same data

I know its possible to have a RG inside of RG, but i cant really find an example of having the exact same data in a new rg inside of a rg.

I want to show X amount of data in the exact same order as in the “parent” RG, how?

My scenario: In my “parent” rg i have a field “Members”, where i want to have a RG that shows each member as a circle - and with their initials within it, so as mentioned above, i want the RG to ahve the exact same order as the parent, so that the data fits for each repeating group item

@cvnfortnite Please provide more information - what info of the parent is being shown? and what info of the sub? what relationship is there from parent to sub?

I dont understand what you mean, they are using the exact same data, my issue is i want the data to be shown in the same order as each parent repeatin group item

what do you mean by using exact same data? why is there a sub repeating group; what is it adding?

As i’ve described, i want it to display however many members are present for each specified RG item

You aren’t being clear about what you’re trying to do. Why can’t a sort by member [sort field] solve your issue?

i’m creating a specific element visually that i want to show with letters inside.

if you want to explain what’s happening with the parent and sub RGs and the relationship, I can help. If you want to talk in circles, I can’t.

I’ve literally explained it. I need help getting the same data as in my parent rg, in the same order

“what’s happening” is also incredibly vague, what does that even mean, i’ve explained

You can use 2 levels of grouping or can set the parent’s data into a state that the sub can then use.