Nesting Repeating Group Vertical into Repeating Group Horizontal - How to prevent RG from repeating content already displayed? - Help needed

Hi! New to Bubble, so I appreciate your patience with my lack of nomenclature… :sweat_smile:

I built a Repeating Group Horizontal. Within it I’ve nested a Repeating Group Vertical

Hidden Group A [Data Source: Search for Images - Layout: Full List]

Repeating Group Horizontal [Source: Hidden Group A List of Images - Layout: Ext Vert Scrolling]

Repeating Group Vertical [Source: RGH’s List of Images:items from Current Cell’s Index - Layout: Full List]

Group Image Container [Source: Current Cell’s Image]

Image [Source: Parent Group’s Image]

This is to build a Masonry style image board.

This is displaying all the test data inputed - however it repeats the full list (minus 1 image) for each RGV [then it repeats the entire list again in a new RGH].

I figure that I missed something simple so any and all suggestions are welcome. As a note, the scheme I used was from something I saw from ZeroQode. :thinking:

Thank you!!! :pray:

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