[New] Add a Review system to your app! Create, edit and list user Reviews with Star Ratings! Comes with sorting and a rating summary

Exciting news!! We just added a Review system to our openBuild library!

The first widget that we added to the widget collection is a Review system. Integrating this into your app will allow your users to create, edit and list user Reviews with Star Ratings. The widget comes with sorting and a rating summary.

What the Review widget looks like:

ezgif.com-gif-maker (7) - REVIEW

Check out a live preview here: Review widget

This widget comes with workflows and is close to plug and play. You only need to go through a few steps to successfully paste the widget in your app.

Step 1

If you haven’t already, install the openBuild extension. You can do that here.

Step 2 (Required plugins)

Make sure that the following plugins are installed:

  • Bootstrap Star Rating Input (by Bubble)
  • Toolbox (by MIsha V)
  • openToast (by ideable)

Step 3

Go to the data tab in your app and create a new type called “Review”. For this new type, create the following fields:

  • Field name = “star rating”
    • type = number
  • Field name = “review”
    • type = text
  • Field name= “published”
    • type = yes/no

Step 4

Go to the privacy tab and remove the privacy rules for the data type ‘Review’ that you’ve just created. This ensures that all the reviews are publicly visible.

Potential additional step

This widget uses another data fields relating to the data type ‘User’, namely name.

You might have already created this field yourself. In that case, there’s no need to add a new field. Keep in mind that after pasting the widget in your app, some issues might arise and you’ll need to connect these entries to the right ones within your own database.

If you haven’t created these fields already, go to the data tab in your app and go to data type 'User’. Add the following new fields:

  • Field name = “name”
    • type = text

Tip: If you haven’t already created an app, we recommend to start your app on our openBase Starter Template. This not only includes the data fields as mentioned above but also some ‘dummy users’ and allows you to use our style system.

To add the openBase Starter template to your templates, go to this link and hit ‘use template’. When creating a new app, you will now see the openBase Starter Template appear in the list of templates.

Step 5 (Pasting the widget in your app)

Go to the Review widget in the openBuild extension and hit ‘Pick me’. Bubble will recognize that the Review widget is a page and will show the popup ‘Paste a page’.

Step 6

Modify the page name if desired and paste the page by hitting ‘CREATE’

You’re done! Hit preview to check it out.


Oh cool! @jeroen-romenij :+1:t2:

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I love this! I’m working on an app where companies will be able to rate the workers they’ve employed. Is there a way to make these reviews user-specific?

When I click the openBuild extension it redirects me to their website. There is no such option as Review Widget.

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You don’t need plugins for that

  • reviews need to be reported by reviewed people