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Vendor Review System

Has anyone implemented a review system yet? Obviously there is the Yelp template so I know it’s possible.

I need users to be able to review vendors and assign a star rating of 1-5. What is the workflow to associate the reviews with a particular vendor.

Next, I need vendors to be able to reply to a user’s review if they so choose.

So far I’ve created a data type “review” with a review, rating, and vendor reply field.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Maybe @emmanuel? Or @natedogg

Might be a silly question, but why not use the Yelp template as the starting point for your app?

Sigh… it’s not lol. Just being cheap.

That’s totally a valid answer lol

I would say if your goal is to build a product/business, it might be worth the time to build off of something else. If your goal is to learn and experiment and tinker, I’d say save the money and take several stabs on your own/with the community help.

Just thinking, you’ll want a field on “review” that specifies what it’s a review of, then maybe a list of reviews on every Vendor.

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Hey @binzoh.local - I built the Yelp course and in it, we create reviews like this:

  • Reviews are their own data type, with Creator relating back to the user. They also have a field for rating, which is the number.
  • The vendor has a field that is a “list of reviews” and the user also has a field that is “reviews I’ve left”
  • When a review is left, you use a workflow to take the rating field and apply it to a new field for the vendor called “rating average” or “star rating” - this uses the math function in bubble to take “list of reviews’ ratings: average” and save that as a database field.
  • Now you can display that as a star rating using the star plugin.

Best of luck with your app!


I’ve been building my own review system for an app that works like Tripadvisor but for Startups that are looking for support from people that believe in what they are doing.

I’d suggest that building it yourself is the way to go because as @potentialthings says you will learn alot about how bubble works and be able to modify it to your unique needs. And with most things it’s the maintenance and growth that are needed vs just building it. So if you do it from the ground up you’ll really understand how bubble works and how you can make it do everything you want to. Plus if this idea doesn’t work you’ll know how to build the next one which makes this a win/win investment.

For mine I have 2 main tables - Ratings and Startup Data so you’re on the right track. I would build another table with Vendor information. I join the data differently than @brentsum in that I would put the vendor unique id in the Ratings table so you have a way to join the 2 tables together. This will allow you to do a search for any vendor and pull it’s rating back by using the unique id as a key.

Then what will happen is you’ll have a table with Vendors listing out unique vendors.
The Review table will be able to have multiple reviews for any Vendor and all the other associated data you want to store - ie review, star rating, user, date, time, etc…

So you see there are different ways to approach your problem - you should use the way you understand best so you can build further with it.

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Yeah, I ended up just buying the Yelp app lol. Got everything set up in under 30 minutes.

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