Review system for directory

Hi all,

Was curious if anyone has implemented a review system and if there are any good tutorials around how to do it?

I want to add reviews to each of the courses I have in my directory.


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I don’t have any pre-recorded tutorials about this functionality, but I can give you a basic rundown of how I’d approach implementing this feature! Here are the steps I’d take:

First, set up the data structure:

  • Create a new data type called “Review” with the following fields:
    • Body (text)
    • Stars (number)
    • Related Course (Course)
  • Add a field to your Course data type called “Reviews” that is a list of type review.

Next, create the UI:

  • Install the “Bootstrap Star Rating Input” plugin (built by bubble)
  • Insert the new plugin input on your page. This will serve as a place for your users to give the course a number of stars between 1 & 5.
  • Set up a multi-line input field where they can type some text to serve as their review. This will be saved to the Body field of our review data type.
  • Set up a button that creates the review

Finally, connect the data to the UI with workflows:

  • Create a workflow for “when button is clicked”
  • In the workflow actions, create a new review. Make sure to set its Body to be the multiline inputs value, and the Stars field to be equal to the star rating inputs value (this element outputs a number value, so it can be saved to a number field.)
  • Make sure to connect the review to the course. This will most likely be “parent group’s course” assuming you have the course stored in the parent group of the review UI.
  • Add one more action to “make changes to a thing” → choose the parent group’s course.
  • Add the “result of step 1” to the course’s list of reviews field.

That is the basic idea! There are a lot of different designs and structures you could implement, but this is a relatively straight forward way of implementing this functionality. I hope this helps!

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Thanks for this @sam.morgan :heart:

Because of this, I was able to actually set up a review system.

I’m working on some tweaks now but this was extremely helpful.

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