[New] Add an FAQ section to your app or landing page. Based on option set and works with (un)collapsible items

New stuff!! We just added an FAQ widget to our openBuild library!

For those that don’t know, openBuild is a chrome extension for Bubble that gives you access to hundreds of UI components and widgets to build beautiful apps on Bubble. Learn more about it here.

Integrating the FAQ widget into your app will allow your users to quickly scan through a list of questions and read the corresponding answers.

What the FAQ widget looks like:

ezgif.com-gif-maker (28)

Check out a live preview here: FAQ widget

This widget comes with workflows and is close to plug and play. You only need to go through a few steps to successfully paste the widget in your app.

Step 1

The field- and option names in the database are case sensitive, so make sure to enter them exactly as specified below

Go to the tab ‘Data’, go to the tab ‘Option sets’ and add a new option set called “FAQ”. Create the following new attributes:

  • Field name = “Question”
    • type = text
  • Field name = “Answer”
    • type = text

Step 2

Add as many questions as you want by creating new options and call these “question1”, “question2”, …

Step 3

Hit ‘Modify attributes’ for each option and enter the text for the question and the answer.

Step 4 (Pasting the widget in your app)

‌Go to the FAQ widget in the openBuild extension and hit ‘Pick me’. Bubble will recognize that the FAQ widget is a page and will show the popup ‘Paste a page’.

Step 5

Modify the page name if desired and paste the page by hitting ‘CREATE’

The FAQ widget should work! Hit preview to check it out.


If I wanted to show a different option set in the repeating group based on a url parameter, how would I achieve this? I can send the parameter, just can’t figure out how to change the option set based on that

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I am having some issues getting this to work - I have tried even adding " either side of the words as in the instructions. It will not see my FAQ

How do I contact for assistance?

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