[NEW] Add a fancy testimonial section to your landingpage or app

New stuff!! We just added a Testimonial widget to our openBuild library!

For those that don’t know, openBuild is a chrome extension for Bubble that gives you access to hundreds of UI components and widgets to build beautiful apps on Bubble. Learn more about it here.

The Testimonial widget allows you to show various quotes in combination with names and profile images on your landing page or app. The quotes are presented one by one in a repeating group and users can navigate between them by using the arrow buttons.

What the FAQ widget looks like:

ezgif.com-gif-maker (29)

Check out a live preview here: FAQ widget

This widget comes with workflows and is close to plug and play. You only need to go through a few steps to successfully paste the widget in your app.

Step 1

The field- and option names in the database are case sensitive, so make sure to enter them exactly as specified below

Go to the data tab in your app and go to data type 'User’. Add the following new field:

  • Field name = “quote”
    • type = text‌

If your app was created based on the openBase Starter Template, the user already comes with the following fields - in this case you don’t have to do anything. If not, also add the following new fields:

  • Field name = “firstName”
    • type = text
  • Field name = “role”
    • type = text
  • Field name = “avatar”
    • type = image

To make sure that the fields won’t show empty when previewing the widget, you can enter some dummy data manually. To do this, go to the Data tab, go to ‘App data’, hit ‘All users’, hit the pencil icon in the table and enter a quote, firstName, role and avatar. Do this for one or few users.

Step 2

Go to the Testimonial widget in the openBuild extension and hit ‘Pick me’. Bubble will recognize that the Testimonial widget is a page and will show the popup ‘Paste a page’.

Step 3

Modify the page name if desired and paste the page by hitting ‘CREATE’

The Testimonial widget should work! Hit preview to check it out.

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cool. I might check out. Is everything updated for new responsive engine? If not ETA?