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What tool are you using for the Help/FAQ section of your app?

I need to build a section to contain my “Help” or “FAQ” section. What approach have you found that is the easiest to maintain (add/edit text sections)?

You can manually add text boxes or do a repeating group and group dropdown thing or you can use Gitbook which is external, but has a better and easier interface. If you want me to show you what I mean by the repeating group thing please just reach out to me!

A repeating group as in a table of help articles displayed somewhere in a repeating group?

As for Gitbook, would you connect it by including a link to the space or via API?

Thanks for the quick response!

For the repeating group I would create on that would be a full list then have another group below it so when an arrow icon or something is clicked the group inside of the repeating group would popup. I am not that good at explaining that.

As for Gitbook, it is a link.

You a very welcome! Glad to help!


You can see an example of the drop down question functionality on my landing page:


Hi doublejay - i’m trying to include a similar FAQ as your page - is it possible to see your editor? I’m not sure how to get the dropdown to open and close on clicks. thanks!

Hey @parkito,

The process that @doublejay is pretty simply to reproduce. You’d just need to have 1 group which has a textbox within it and presents the question, then a second group that has a textbox within it that contains the answer to the question. In the second group, in the property editor select the “Collapse this element’s height when hidden” option as shown below and uncheck the “This element is visible on page load” also attached below.

When the question group is clicked simply show the answer group.


I hope this makes sense :blush:

thanks @johnny - this was helpful. I found another workaround, though not as clean (?)

I first created a repeating group with two text boxes one for the question and one for the answer. Then made the answer text box toggle when the question is clicked. Initially, there was some issues with the spacing, so, I adjusted the padding of the answer text box. A bit more crude then your method, but, allowed me to not have to re-write all the questions/answers from my data.

Thanks for your help!