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New Booking Calendar Plugin

Hello fellow Bubblers!

After 4 years of bubbling and endless years of conventional coding I just released my first Bubble Plugin… a booking calendar.

Why a Booking Calendar?
Because I was searching for my main Bubble application a booking calendar myself. I did not find any suitable one within the existing Plugins and was not happy with the reusable approach.

Why a Plugin?
Because I wanted to try out Bubble Plugin development and I think others can also benefit from the work I have done.

More Information?
Demo: Booking Calendar Demo
Editor: Booking Calendar Editor
Plugin page: Booking Calendar Plugin

Do not hesitate to ask questions. I am happy to take feedback. Also improvement ideas or feature requests are welcome. Nevertheless I made the Plugin simple by intention and do not want to overload it. It shall be very easy to integrate into your application.

You may contact me through the forum or via email.

Best, Andreas