Booking form with updated calendar

I want to build a booking form with calendar for an apartment. The UX should be like on It’s only about “check-in” and “check-out”. But The calendar should also show the blocked dates, so u can only book available dates. The blocked dates are stored in an airtable database. This should be connected to the calendar. After picking a free time the user should see the price for the booking (prices also stored in airtable database) and then a form with personal data and so on.
Something like, but with blocked dates (existing reservations)


I suggest you search the forum for terms like “bookin” and the like.

You can also explore the Bubble templates marketplace looking for booking apps. Templates are a great resource for learning how the author tackled the UI, logic, and dB needed to make functional experiences. Such like you would need to create to fit your vision,

Hope this helps :+1:t2: