New Bubble Coach On Youtube


If anyone is looking for great tutorials on bubble check out this page -

I’ve been waiting for someone like this to come along to help advance the learning curve of bubble. I’m a tech professional with 5 years of experience working as a product designer. It’s great to see tutorials that have good design rather than circles and squares. It’s not only the good design, it’s actual UI he’s using for these examples.

Thank you @gregjohnkeegan


Yes, his videos are great! I agree that UI makes all the difference. Thanks for sharing!


Simple, Short, and Informative :+1:

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@gregjohnkeegan he’s one of the good guys :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks @samhouston1107 much appreciated. My new community goes live soon at - where I’ll be uploading a ton of new content.


Thank you very informative!

His Udemy course is the best way to start learning Bubble, really!
It will take from zero to intermediate level.

After that you can go to
Which offers a 1-to-1 meeting and you can be as technical as you want in your questions.

Good luck!

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