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Hi everyone!
I have created a website to teach people all levels of skills needed to master Bubble. I will keep uploading as many videos as possible every week.
I live in Paris, France and for the past several months I have been dabbling with Bubble, Dropsource and other visual programming tools to create cool apps for myself and my friends. I am still discovering, learning and making new things.

Please check out my website and subscribe. You can watch a lot of free videos and you can also post requests for any kind of feature you want me to build on Bubble. Here’s the website link:

Hope you like them! Your reviews and feedback are much appreciated! :slight_smile:
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

  • Jeevan G
    no code engineer

Good work, looks nice! I’m going to watch your videos.

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Thank you so much Ruben! :slight_smile:
I will update on the group every week after I add more new videos.

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Looks great!

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That sounds GREEEEEEEEEEEAT!!! :heart_eyes:

too fast happyness… the login function doesn´t works :joy:
I write my email and password. After some minutes I get the popup answer that I am not in the database
“Sorry we could not find a user with name xxxxxxx@yyyy.zzz”. I tried several times with the same result.
I really would like to see those videos!

Hi Gino, I am very sorry for this inconvenience. Could you please send me your Name and email on private message so that I can check if you signed up properly and that your data exists in the database?

Hi everyone!
I have fixed the signup issue that some of you guys had. Seems like the bubble email validator rejected some of the valid email ids. I have fixed this issue, you shouldn’t have any issues signing up now.

Thank you very much for your patience and for signing up! :slight_smile:
More videos coming soon :slight_smile:

Bien joué !
If you have an opportunity to create a tuto about header tags, it would be great !

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It works! I am in now, thanks a lot!
watching a video now :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for your suggestion Romain! I will soon create one. :slight_smile:
People have sent me a lot of requests to create different tutorials in the past 3 days through emails and course suggestions on the website dashboard. So it might take atleast 1 more week for me to create a tutorial on header tags for SEO optimization. Will keep you updated here. :slight_smile:

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All courses now available for free for a limited time at
New courses added today. More coming soon! :slight_smile: