New Agency Here - Looking for Developers

Hello everyone!

I own a new agency, and we definitely can use some more developers. We want to lay down what to expect from us:

  1. We expect our developers to master a section of Bubble. Be the Design Set Master or Plugins Gurus, whatever you are - be a guru at it! We love them!

  2. We pay on a standard two week schedule. You will paid every two weeks. Now, you do have the option of 1099 or W2 - US residents.

  3. We hire globally, and we offer very flexible work from home environments.

  4. We are not micro-managers. If you need to told what to do all the time, it will not work.

  5. We run very short development drills, so if there is an issue, please tell us early so we can get it done.

  6. We employ all skill sets, as we find those who want to learn do better than those who think they know.

  7. Pay is reflective of work given.

To apply, you must show work or an attempt or some kind of effort with Bubble.

(Hipporello Service Desk Portal)

Hi alecia,

I am a bubble developer and would love to join you in this.

You can contact me at

Best regards,
Priyanshu goyal
Founder at


I did reach out, but I haven’t heard back.


I already filled out the form. I will fill it again.

Priyanshu goyal
Founder at

I am an experienced bubble developer for over two years. I will love to work in your agencies. You can contact me at