Are you a top 5% Bubbler? Let's talk! Hiring full-time Bubblers (again)

Hi everyone! I run a successful SEO agency (12 years and growing, 35 staff, clients include Atlassian, Marketo, Adobe, Outreach, Splunk……) and we’re building a next-gen platform on Bubble.

We have a full-time team of Bubblers that is crushing it - best in the world IMO :slight_smile: - and we’re looking for a few more of the world’s best! (no pressure :sunglasses:)

@collinsbuckner1 @colin-bubble and @jj11 have made some insane builds so far, and we are just getting started. We’re on dedicated, the app processes or creates millions of records each month, and it has what I think is an insanely innovative set of features in the front-end.

And so much more to build! Details here: Experienced Developer (full-time, remote) | Profound Strategy

We are open to applicants worldwide. Feel free to spread the word! And message me if you’re interested!


Would you be interested in hiring a team?

Thanks for asking! No, these are in-house roles (we are not considering agencies).

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@nate6 Sound great! DM to your email. Please don’t forget to check!

Hi all, just a quick update:

We’ve heard from a variety of really impressive Bubbler’s! It’s been a lot of fun. We’re still in the midst of having conversations. If you’re interested in applying, please do so quickly!


I’m developing in bubble for the last 3-4 years already. You can read about me here:
Let me know if you’d like to have a short zoom meeting.

Hi Sivan,

Nice to meet you! Is there an email address we can use to chat more?


Hey @nate6 :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Lets connect! I’ve been developing web apps on Bubble for almost 3 years now. I have developed landing pages, marketplaces, storefronts, client portals, dashboards, and complex web apps.

I’m good with Design, Plugins, API Integration, Backend workflows, Payments, and Webhooks.

Kindly book a meeting: Meeting with Ankit (Bubble Developer)

Hi Ankit,

I’d love to connect more! Is there a good email address I can use to reach you?


Thank you @ankit26v.iitb! I’ve sent you an email (feel free to delete your last comment if you want to hide it from others now :slight_smile: ).

If anyone else is interested, please send me a DM! We are interviewing select candidates now!

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THANK YOU EVERYONE for sharing this opportunity and connecting with us about it. This has been another wonderful ride getting to know so many more Bubblers in the community - and learning just how big, committed, passionate, and smart this community is!

I’m excited to announce that five Bubble developers joined have our team this week!
Chris in Oakland, CA @grottofilms
Deepak in Kakinada, India @deepak.subash
Hari in Coimbatore, India @hiinnov8
Jacob in Calgary @jacobgershkovich
Steven outside of San Francisco @steven.junio91

They join our senior dev @colinj. Everybody’s already cruising - even with a lot of systems training and onboarding left to finish they are tackling bugs and getting things done!

Thank you again! And I’m looking forward to our next hiring cohort too! If you want to stay in the loop regarding future openings you can sign up here: Future Role: Experienced Developer | Profound Strategy


Super stoked to be part of the team @nate6 !


congrats on snagging jacob! he’s a legend :sunglasses:

jacob, we should catch up some time soon!

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