NEW: bulk data, 2FA, users roles on the Agency plan

Hi everyone,

Theo Goldberg, agency partnerships manager at Bubble here. I’m excited to share that we’ve rolled out some important updates to Bubble Agency account plans, which now include the following:

  1. Bulk data operations

To help with the complexities that come with managing larger-scale projects, we’re adding bulk data operations to the Agency plan. This feature will facilitate easier data manipulation and population for your more demanding projects.

  1. Enhanced security with two-factor authentication (2FA)

2FA will require your team to set up a third-party authenticator when logging into your account. This feature will provide a more secure interaction between you and your clients and also help prevent unauthorized seat-sharing (which goes against our Terms of Service).

  1. Customizable team roles

We recognize that there are diverse roles and responsibilities within your team. When you add seats to your Agency plan, you can label them either developer or non-developer (you can select from these roles: Developer, Designer, QA, Product, Sales, Marketing, Other). To make it easier for teams to meet certification requirements — and to accommodate the varied functions of your team — we’ll only use developer seats to determine your tier eligibility. All current seats on your plan will be updated to developer by default, but you can change them anytime from your agency account settings page.

If you have any questions or feedback about these changes, let us know.


Thanks for enabling bulk operations!
It always seemed like an unnecessary limitation, as it could be quite easily replicated with a schedule API on a list.
It just requieed some extra steps and everytime i had to go through these steps i questioned why i had to go throgh these steps.

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Very helpful, thank you!

Hurray for bulk operations! Any chance we could get access to version control for clients that are on Startup tier?

Can you share a bit more context regarding this? Curious to know what the possibilities are and how where this applies to