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New business ideas as ready-to-launch templates

Hey all,
after building bubble apps for the last 3.5 years, I thought it’s about time to launch my own Tiny (yeah quite literally) little side thing.

Launching this mainly to help myself and others rapidly launch and test new business ideas.

You can think of it as meets Zeroqode

  1. Select a business idea (inspired by new funding rounds, Product Hunt launches, CBInsights/Crunchbase/ data etc.)
  2. Get the APP template (and the complete launch memo/market analysis if you want)
  3. Customise (e.g. localise it, adapt it for a new vertical)
  4. Launch and test

The first “launch package” will be a Breef-like marketplace to find and hire vetted agencies. Breef just announced their Seed round & believe there’s huge potential in adapting/localising this concept. You can join the waitlist on

Let me know what you think! Always happy to chat & let’s keep building.

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@n.niklaus dude this is super good idea man! Like a business model, I think you might have lot of opportunity to bring clients!

Awesome that what you build is backed by user cases that are happening right now! And you get the info from reliable sources!
Well done!

I would advise you to search clients in other place than this forum! For getting feedback it’s great but I guess your potential clients are somewhere else, you should try contacting some local incubators around your area or even business schools!

What you mean by this? It’s you who collects the data or you have industry reports? Or what is it more precisely?

P.D. Thanks for sharing that link of breef, definitely will look into it to register ourselves!