📈 [Trends.vc] meets [templates]

Dear fellow Bubblers,

after almost 3 years of developing Web Apps and templates mostly for others, I’m finally daring to launch my own, tiny little thing. And I mean it quite literally - it’s called “Tiny”.

Imagine it as the currently very popular Trends.vc (Market Intelligence) married with Zeroqode (Templates).

Yes, wt❓ is this?

:brain: We capture over 150 new beta projects, start-ups and funding rounds worldwide every single day, in order to find the most promising launch opportunities. (For this, I’ve developed a small scraping program, which we also use for the “Hello World” Newsletter )

:computer: We then develop beautiful Launch Packages (templates) based on this insight.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Both, the Research Findings (Market Intelligence) and Launch Packages will be available to you.

I hope, that by giving templates a little more context based on some research, Tiny could help others to discover and launch wonderful online businesses, fast and (of course) without Code.

I’ve build it with - just a tiny bit - of :heartpulse: so I’d love to hear what you guys think about it :bomb:
(Btw. first template will be dropping next week :link:)

Nik @ Tiny


Quite a novel idea and I love your UI. Well done, will be following your progress

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Thanks @phrase9! Really appreciate this, and thanks so much for taking the time to check it out :pray:
I would love to keep you in the loop, and please do not hesitate with any critical thoughts or suggestions. All the best wishes from Munich! Nik

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