New :Converted to number expression (on text)

Looks like a fairly new dynamic expression rolled out, didn’t spot this until now. Will be very handy.





oh this is excellent.

Crazy exciting. But I really feel like they should post these changes online for us to know! @eve

Good spotting, @luke2!

(Maybe there’ll be a trend toward Bubble adding more operators like this — I’d be happy if Bubble implemented any and all of the operations that List Shifter’s PROCESS List action offers that are not already available in vanilla Bubble, for example).

This feature was a life saver! I used it to check page names on new signups to make sure there are no duplicates.

:capitalized words :lowercase and :uppercase doesn’t work because people can still do funky stuff with their lettering and bypass the rules - eg. ThIS is MY PaGe

:Converted to number fixes this perfectly :slight_smile: