Template: Dashboard builder (Fully Functional)

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share my latest Dashboard builder. It’s designed specifically to help Saas/internal tool builders streamline their dashboard development process.

Here are some key features:

  • User Creation and Management: Get started quickly with a pre-built system for creating and managing user accounts, saving you valuable time on account setup.

  • Permission Groups Management: Effortlessly control access and permissions for different user roles using our built-in feature, eliminating the need to develop this functionality from scratch.

  • Automatic Page Redirects and Menu Shortcuts: Simplify navigation by setting up automatic page redirects and creating menu shortcuts with ease, reducing manual configuration time.

  • Seamless Notification System: Deliver timely updates and alerts to your users using our pre-built notification system, eliminating the need to develop custom notification functionality.

  • Mobile Responsive: Separate user interface for mobile environments.

  • Dark Mode for Desktop and Mobile: Enhance the user experience with a pre-designed dark mode feature for both desktop and mobile platforms, without the hassle of additional development.

  • Log System for User Actions: Gain valuable insights into user behavior and efficiently monitor and troubleshoot with our built-in log system that tracks and records user actions.

Now you can focus solely on your custom pages and unique functionality, saving significant time and effort throughout your dashboard development journey.

No dependencies on paid plugins: Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that our Dashboard builder doesn’t rely on any paid plugins.

Feel free to test our template using the demo login: Dashboard | Login
demo user is only allowed to see the interfaces and data, it isn’t allowed to change data in the database


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Marketplace link: Functional Dashboard Builder Template | Bubble