Responsiveness Engine question

Is it possible to stay in the old engine and make it responsive for mobile use? Reason i ask is, i am really having a hard time with the new engine. One problem i had is the headers. This is driving me crazy the most specifically when centering it along with the elements its holding. It just keeps getting “fat” when decreasing page width giving way for mobile use.

Some of the pages, i was forced to use new engine and some pages were left as old. Now my question is, is it still ideal to stick with the old engine in terms of getting it to work for mobile compatibility? TIA

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By placing the layout on the fix, you can make the conditions the same as the previous engine.

But it is much better if you can use Responsive Engine
I know it can be annoying at first, but after a while you will see that it is useful for maintaining consistency and alignment.

You can recreate the conditions you want in a test app so that I can help you achieve your goal. Just send me the ID and I will give you some feedback and suggestions.

Hey there,

This is what im leaning to to be honest. Sticking with the new engine and just play it out as i feel more confident using this compared to the old. The only thing im annoyed is when i upgraded the engine, everything was a mess with the layout and it took me days to restore the look it was supposed to be.

If its not too much to ask, perhaps we can meet so i can show you better? The alignments is whats driving me crazy.

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