[New Feature] 301 Redirects - Advanced SEO feature


We just added the ability to define permanent 301 redirects. This is an advanced feature that will be useful for users that are migrating from an existing platform and that want to keep the SEO rankings from older URLs.

It’s quite straightforward (but make sure you know what you’re doing, as this 301 are permanent redirects). If you go to the bottom of the SEO section of the Settings Tab, you’ll be able to add old URLs and new URLs.

Note that the URLs should be full URL (so that they match the current one perfectly) and it shouldn’t be an existing page. For instance, if you have a page on your app appname.com and if you define a redirect for the URL appname.com, the redirection will NOT happen.


I really appreciate the excellent support that bubble is providing to its users.

Can you please tell me how can I have a dynamic redirection (geo-rediraction) to perform “intrusive geo redirection” based on visitor location.

Fantastic! Thanks!

Hi @emmanuel - is there any reference material that explains this in the most simplistic of terms.

Here is my scenario.

Old website (still live, ready to be decommissioned: www.aerobotics.co.za
Is to be replaced by a new bubble app, on a new domain www.aerobotics.co

WHen you say the redirect shouldn’t be to an existing page - I am confounded by the question ‘why would I want to redirect anyone to a non existing page?’

This may reflect gross misunderstanding on my part, but essentially I need a step by step of what to type into these boxes to get it right. In addition, how to time these changes… will setting up the 301 redirect on the bubble site do anything to the old site before it is decommissioned?

We will go into go-daddy and reditect aerobotics.co.za (old site) to the new one, and I get an option to select 301 redirect there too? What relationship does that have to the settings in the new bubble app.

Thanks if you are able to assist (quite exciting too - this is a recently well funded startup :slight_smile:) .


Hi community - is there anyone that can help with the above? @emmanuel? I appreciate that it’s an ‘advanced feature’ but it needs to be used, and we need to learn!

Scenario: old domain + old app is being replaced by a new domain and a new app (bubble), with a new but similar page structure.

Need to know what to type into the 301 redirect boxes, word for word to get this right (e.g do you type the http://? do you need variants for https:// - do you need separate redirects per page?

I’ll try to help you out, although not a SEO expert.
the 301 redirection on Bubble app level is used for the URLs that reach the app but Bubble doesn’t recognize them because there is no page for them.
Below is a screenshot of 301 redirect settings on one of my personal apps. The app used to be hosted on Wix, which was adding some weird characters to the URL (i’m guessing this on purpose to make it difficult for people to migrate from them). When we migrated to Bubble, Google already indexed those URLs so instead of showing them 401 page we configured a redirect page in Bubble for each of those indexed pages which do not exist anymore.
In your case, you changed the domain entirely. So now it depends on how your registrar handles the 301 redirects. Does it redirect all old URLS to new index page? Or it keeps the entire URL and only substitutes the domain? If the latter it makes sense to use Bubble 301 redirect settings and configure old vs new URLS if their structure is different. If your registrar sends all the old URLs to index then there is nothing you can do in Bubble for that.
I would recommend finding a solution on a registrar level where each URL is assigned a new one.
Also, you could use google webmaster tools to manage the 301 redirects.
Hope this helps


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Thank you so much Levon - very insightful

Just a quick note- through google webmaster tools you can actually inform Google that your web-site has moved to a new domain, so that they update their database (not immediately) - this is supposed to reduce the impact on search rankings.

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@emmanuel quick question, we are finalizing migration of bubblewits.com to dev.zeroqode.com - we have used this feature to 301 redirect all the pages, however I’m not able to do this for the index page. The workflow to navigate to an external page is not detected by Google as 301 redirect. and i can’t use the feature because it should be a non existent page (it’s not possible to make index page non existent)
Please advise

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@emmanuel forgot to mention that this is required in order to inform Google about moving from one domain to another, see below

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It seems like you should set up the forward for bubblewits.com not in Bubble, but at the domain name manager level. It should be forwarded to dev.zeroqode.com (bubblewits.com should not hit bubble for the forward, you don’t have an app with that domain any more).

thanks for the suggestion, it worked!

Hey @emmanuel,

Would it also be possible to change this ‘automatically’?

So in my case I change the a link like this: https://domain.com/index/harry-1541678451175x613370472786085900?category=Running&or=1541749248922x128544495931228160 to www.domain.com/category/handle with the ‘browser’ plugin from @copilot

Would it be possible to set it up that the domain.com/category/handle to https://domain.com/index/harry-1541678451175x613370472786085900?category=Running&or=1541749248922x128544495931228160

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I’m quite pissed.
Because the sitemap generation is such a hassle, I have to remove the “field for readable url” and get back all my urls under the form domain.com/93839393939x39393930243949 (well, just IDs, not domain.com/name-of-the-item--93839393939x39393930243949).

So now I have tons of 404 pages and duplicate content. Which should be fixed by a simple 301, right?
Well, no, the 301 feature doesn’t work in this specific case ?!!!

We really need a real 301 feature, it’s so basic… please…

All my content production and SEO efforts of these last months are ruined because we lack this and I have no option :confused:

I think I’ve found a solution, client side. I’m writing this here to help other fellows that may have the same problem.

Have something like this in the header section where we can add scripts (Settings>SEO):
if (window.location.pathname === '/oldurl') { window.location.replace('/newurl'); }

Google should understand this JS and consider this a 301:

Not ideal, but that should work.


Is there a way to redirect a path? e.g. if the page at www.example.com/list does not exist and the user enters www.example.com/list/item123. Is it possible to redirect any directly typed URL where list is a path?

I was hoping the something like the wild character (asterisk) like “www.example.com/list/*” would work but seems not.

Asking as I am using ZeroCode’s URL Router and want to handle directly typed URLs rather than hitting 404.



If I have a page on my bubble app that doesn’t exist anymore and I want to set up a 301 redirect to a new page within the same app, would this be possible?

The reason is that my app is a content platform, so I have an article that is ranking on google but it has been moved to a new URL within the same app.

Yep. That is exactly the use case for a redirect. Simply enter both URLs in the boxes provided in the editor options.