Redirect to different domain

Novice here.

I have an app that is used by a small handful of customers. For one of the customers, I would like their URL to redirect to a new domain.

Example, the customers’ app URLs currently look something like:

I want to have customer2, when they click their own dedicated link, above, to be redirected to, say,

Since I don’t have FTP access to get into the public folder, how can I do the redirect from within Bubble?

Thank you.

Hey there @robsbisa,

This might help.

Johnny, this seems to be exactly what I needed. I will report back. Thanks.

So, I’ve done the steps. So far, no redirect. Perhaps a little time is required?

There is this: “For the redirection to work, these URLs must point to pages that do not exist in the app.” Both of them? Neither can exist in the app?

Maybe I’m not reading this right. To me, the above makes sense when destination URL cannot be within the app. If neither can exist in the app, how can this work?

Reading further, Emanuel’s original post, this is solution won’t work for me. I’m trying to redirect a single customer’s index to a different domain. This solution seems to be where one is redirecting an entire app. For instance, my original Bubble app domain to a different domain. In my instance, I want just that one customer’s URL to redirect, not the entire app.

Maybe there’s workflow magic needed here.