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Redirections 301 for website migration

Hi there, I need to migrate my previous website (not hosted on Bubble, PHP website) to my new Bubble app. I understand I have to type previous and new URLs in the tab “SEO/Metatags” in the Settings tab. Do I just have to copy paste all URLs (meaning all generic pages + all my blog articles) ? Anything I need to do precisely, HTTP or HTTPS in URL? Else, what do I need to do on top of the change in the domain host manager (from my previous website?

Not much can be found online and on Bubble forum about 301 redirections and I would like to avoid mistakes especially as I have 2 year of SEO for this previous website and 150 blog articles that bring high traffic and signups.

You need to setup bubble with a custom domain, this needs to be done by configuring DNS records with your provider.

There is a good video here explaining the full process with bubble and your provider.

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