Where is ''do a search for'' action?

I cant find the ‘‘do a search for’’ between the actions . the tutorial I found told me it must to be here _ Actions > DATA (things) > ‘do a search for’

I don’t know what tutorial you’re watching, but you won’t find any ‘Do a search for’ action there.

In fact, ‘Do a search for’ in NOT an action, it’s a data source - so you’ll find it in the dropdown menu anywhere you can apply a datasource (which is basically everywhere)… but not on the Workflow Actions menu.

What exactly are you trying to do?


So we found a mistake of ChatGPT here… it pointed me to do that way. I am just trying to make button to do a search in my database and and then to show the results

Ah… yes… ChatGPT doesn’t know a great deal about Bubble, especially the editor, so it’s not much use for helping with specific things in the editor.

To do what you want to do you can use the action ‘Display data’ to display data in a group, and then do the search in that action.

Or you can set a custom state value the same way.

The Bubble Reference is your friend here, not ChatGPT:



Mistake was using Chat GPT for bubble steps. It has some general idea but it misses things. Try a tutorial or the manual like suggested