[New Feature] Braintree & Paypal Integration

The Vault feature comes automatically with the user email as a way to save it. Did you try?

When I look at my workflows all i get is a way to charge or subscribe to a plan. What I’m looking for is something like Stripe that allows the information to be 'collected/valuted" but not used yet.

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We don’t have the action to collect the CC info, but the CC info is saved when a payment is done.


Can I sponsor it?

I want to use the saved cc information for instant payments inside of a mobile app through Bubble.

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You can reach out by email but January Feb is more likely.

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Ok no problem. I’ll have to try it myself. Would also love the ability to take an image of the credit card and have it pull the data off the card by OCR I guess and into Brain tree. This would be awesome for UX.

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That’s a very completely different feature.

Is it eh?

Do you know of the plugin that handles this or the service? Or the name?

Not even sure if it’s OCR and haven’t been able to find an api for this (yet). I see people have a PayPal branded “scanner” with a square inside the image that you position the cc inside of, although nothing on PayPal references this ability.

Just found it…


Will see if i can create a plugin for this.


@emmanuel Was wondering how you are handling the Braintree interfacing. I am almost ready to make the application public and want to make sure of the following. My question:

You are using an Iframe to Braintree, so the transaction is really done in the Braintree web page and the credit card is safely in the Braintree servers and is never available to Bubble itself. Correct?


Why dont you just try the application to see how it works? There is a sandbox mode included in braintree. Then you will see there is a redirect to the braintree HPP (hosted payment page).


That’s not complete apparent. In fact, I have been using the sandbox for several days. It’s amazingly simple to set up and this is most incredible platform I have ever come across. However, its not apparent that it’s a redirect that is happening. For example, the URL on the browser does not change and if you do a page inspection you see that there is an iFrame with a the Braintree URL inside it. Not something all non-coders will know to do.

To make triple-double sure, I was asking for confirmation on how the interfacing is done, as you know this is an important checkbox to check.

So basically, in this case when we see the panel where CC information is collected, it’s really a Braintree hosted payment page in an iFrame. Correct?

Right know if a configure a button to charge a user, it goes to the payment page with no guidance on what the user is paying.

Is there a way to at least add the logo of my company in the Braintree interface so the user can feel they’re in my service still?

Not currently, no. It’s only a popup though so it stays in your app.

@emmanuel So right now if i set up a button with the “charge user” workflow, it goes to a new page. It doesnt stay on the website. Is there a way to put this on a popup?

Can you share a link with a test button?

Been some long time since this was opened, have a couple of questions since the template I bought has stripe integration, but unfortunately… stripe isn’t accepted everywhere so I can’t pay back .send payments to some of my customers.

  1. Can we save the CC info as in stripe?
  2. Can we offer subscription?
    2.1. If so, can we offer a trial period for that subscription before it’s charged
  3. Can we scan the card with card.io?
  4. Can we send payment to one of our customers - like a AirBNB app, you take money from customer that wants to make the booking, and when it’s done, you send the money to the host. This couldn’t be done via stripe if the host was from a country where stripe wasn’t available to.
  5. Can we count some actions like ‘booking fees’ and at the end of the month to multiply it with e.g. 5 cents each and it will be 10 reservations * 5 cents = 50 cents to be charged via braintree?
  6. Can we hold an amount when the booking is requested, and release it if the booking is canceled? So no charging, but to be sure the customer has that amount on its CC.

Big thanks!

Is there any chance to solve this problem with integrating PayPal?
Please consider this:
Totally now Europe includes 51 independent states.
And its just Europe…

Here is a list of countries Braintree currently serves:
(28 in total) With Stipe is even worst.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany,Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, United States

Hey there :slight_smile:

It’s already done by good folks at @copilot :slight_smile:

Thank you Vlad. It really works great!