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[New feature] Cloudflare for all

Hi @peterj,

I’m a legacy customer and this weekend I tried to activate domain acceleration with clouflare.

I’ve been following your tutorials, videos and posts. Everything is very self-explanatory and I think I set up my installation correctly.

I have a bar domain (, I transferred my DNS settings with name servers to namecheap (as mentioned). And waiting 24 hours. (My domain manager is OVH but it doesnt relly matter after the transfer).

After this, i removed my “A record” (@ - on namecheap. Next, i enter the DNS record (ALIAS & CNAME) points to (as bubble manual says)

Attached photo of the DNS records (all dns records on namecheap :

After this. On Bubble, i delete my domain, refresh and add again But this message appears :

I don’t understand where the problem is coming from? Should I reset the original A record? Should I delete all records other than CNAME & ALIAS?

Or maybe I’m not patient enough and have to wait longer for the DNS to propagate (added ALIAS & CNAME at 03. am today).

I really need help… (let me know if you need more information)

Thanks a lot !

Edit : The bug seems to be fixed, it just took a little patience !

Hello @peterj
I can’t see the CloudFlare checkbox, I registered CNAME and ALIS records as explained, my domain is working but I can’t see the checkbox

Did you get an answer?

Need to know this as well…

@scriptschool and @josh10 (and any future dedicated customers)

– what’s happening is we’re silently adding .io records to your dedicated instance. So, for example, if you’re on, when you turn on cloudflare, we add, and then aim requests for your sites only from to this endpoint.

Behind the scenes, it looks like -> -> -> (some ip address)

That changes as of today, though—as of today’s bubble version, we’ll be instructing you to use A records.

(Sorry for the delay; we’ve been working on this feature for a couple months and it’s finally ready.)


Thank you @peterj - this is great. I do have a follow up question…

Do I have to upgrade my dedicated box to take advantage of this?

Due to the bugs happening with Bubble lately (as reported on the forum), I don’t want to upgrade the box yet.


Your box is new enough to take advantage of these features (and in fact I can see your DNS entry in our records, which means someone on your instance has checked the box at least once).

The version you’re on will tell you to CNAME to, but you can instead create A records pointed at:

and you’ll be good to go.

(If you don’t feel comfortable doing this with a production app, create a new test app on a subdomain, like just to run through the steps.)

All this said, I’ve been making very significant improvements to how we handle routing and certificate issuance in the past few months, so I encourage you to upgrade your instance as soon as you feel comfortable doing so.

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I am hitting the exact same issue as outlined in this post. It’s been well over 24 hours. Any thoughts on what might be causing this?

CNAME and ALIAS records are set up correctly and pointing to and the DNS provider (Namecheap) is adamant that it is not an issue on their end, indeed the A RECORD IPs are your addresses.


We use cloudflare already, we use to protect certain pages and use VPN to access parts of the website along with certain security requirements we have as a security expert I feel are necessary to protect us and our clients.

However for those that cannot use your cloudflare options, can you please share the settings you have applied so i can take a look at apply them also such as workers etc etc?

It’s pretty vanilla right now, but we’re constantly moving toward increased utilization of the speed and security features CF provides.
We reserve the right to change these at any time.

At the moment:

  • We do not use RocketLoader, as the dynamic page rewrites it causes are poison
  • We use Full SSL, and we’re in the middle of moving to Full (strict)
  • We use Brotli, query param ordering, HTTP/2, dynamic css minification, and a couple other speed features
  • We use edge caching extensively, and are in the middle of some improvements here

We are not extensively using page rules or workers or most of the other features people think of when they think of CloudFlare, because it’s often difficult to implement them in a way that’s beneficial to most users without breaking legacy behavior. But also, see above: we reserve the right to turn these features on as we find ways to do so that preserve or improve performance for everyone :slight_smile:

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Can you please dig into the edge caching you use and their settings?

Does it still cover any DDoS attacks?
Thanks and great implementation :slight_smile:

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@peterj is there any benefit of using Argo Tunnel if DNS is managed by Cloudflare?

Hey @peterj,

Switched to full (strict) then full resulted in SSL Handshake failed

Any idea ?

My bad.
This is now fixed by moving my legacy app to full cloudflare Too many redirects problem - GoDaddy

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@peterj any plan to enable CF workers so we can use them in our CF ?