Cloudflare DNS Setup total confusions

It was shockingly unclear as to how integrate the legacy app with CloudFlare and equally confusing trying to push a non-legacy app live. Bubble if you’re reading, maybe you could make it a little more user friendly. I think I am going to have to hire a free-lancer to get my app on CF. My specific issue was with Google and the A-Name.

If you want to get your app live in a hurry and find the documentation confusing as I did, just un-check the Cloudflare box and it works like it used to.

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We’re looking into ways to make the process easier.


would love to disable Cloudflare because this DNS stuff is only giving me errors. Where is the Cloudflare option box? Thanks!

@sorensong I was extremely frustrated with the process, having said that, once you learn it, it’s not that big of a deal.

Where is your domain hosted? What issues are you having specifically?

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thanks for the reply! my registrar is Google Domains. i’ve followed step by step the instructions described here, but kept getting ‘CNAME Banned’ (or something like that). i tried several different configs but couldn’t get it to work.

i’d LOVE to have my app running on cloudflare so if you have any tips, i’d GREATLY appreciate you!

@sorensong Great! That’s what I use.

Step 1 - Go to name cheap select free dns at the bottom of the dropdown

Step 2 - enter your domain (leave off the www.) example:

Step 3 - Name cheap will show you your name servers - KEEP THIS WINDOW OPEN and OPEN A NEW WINDOW

Step 4 - The new window open Google domains, select DNS

Step 5 - Choose “Use Custom Name Servers”

Step 6 - Enter the name servers Name Cheap gave you on step 3

Step 7 - Wait 30 minutes to 60 Minutes

Step 8 - Select your domain from the dashboard on namecheap and choose Advanceed DNS.

Step 9 - create a new Record–> CNAME Record --> Host = www and Value = TTL= automatic

Step 10 - create a new Record–> Alias Record --> Host = @ and Value = TTL=
5 min

Step 11 - Wait 30 minutes to 60 Minutes

Step 12 - your bubble app – settings — domain/email — enter the domain name you set up, omit the www and you should get a success notification

Good Luck!

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This means a lot to me, this is incredible!

Will this activate Cloudflare? Or is one of the steps in order to activate CF?

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were you able to configure Cloudflare with a domain from Google Domains?

actually, it looks like Bubble might have had some config to fix according to this post: 1014 Error - CNAME Cross-User Banned

ok, i think i know what’s going on. the “” is actually pointing to CloudFlare? that’s what was confusing me. i followed your instructions but i’m getting this error again

Cloudflare is handled by bubble behind the scenes. Did you get it working?

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i haven’t yet :confused:

i’ve been back and forth with support and they told me to set my google nameservers back to default and host the A records (that are displayed in Bubble->Domain/Email) on Google Domains- i guess these are themselves Cloudflare records. I did that but still getting the 1014 error after about 12 hours. frustrating to say the least.

I changed the domain in Bubble to include www and it started working. Blerg lol.

I’m just happy i can get back to work!

Thanks again for all your help man!

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